Walter’s signature style is inspired by a sense of antiquity in a contemporary setting. Layering a collision of colors, elements and imagery, he blends new and old in a bold, narrative combination. His soulful approach merges past, present and future in a lyrical and sophisticated, yet earthy manner. Walter’s intent is to create a visual connection that enables people to take away something hopeful, positive and uplifting that is very personal to them, yet universal to all.

How It Began

It all began in a high school art class, where Walter Knabe found passion for art as a young teenager. He had an epiphany when his teacher brought in a college professor to speak about contemporary art. He showed the students the works of Picasso, Matisse and Jackson Pollack. Walter could not believe “this was artwork”. He was completely captivated and began creating some abstract paintings the next day. He eventually was offered a full scholarship at Columbia College in Missouri and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. He then obtained a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Wisconsin. Walter never looked back.

His early projects included working with American art icon, Thomas Hart Benton, on one of his last murals in Joplin, Missouri. After graduate school Walter moved to New York City and “hit the pavement”. He opened his first painting studio in Brooklyn in 1982 and was commissioned to cover the walls of a prominent upper East Side apartment with his with his heavily patterned fine art paintings. Walter’s paintings eventually expanded into full-scale, hand-printed custom textiles that included wall coverings and fabrics.

Walter had acquired a national reputation and was shipping his work throughout New York and across the country. After realizing he could work from anywhere, he and his family decided to move to Indianapolis, IN (his wife’s hometown) to raise their children. His studio has been located there ever since.

Walter's Areas of Expertise

Walter Knabe specializes in painting and printmaking. For many years, he has been a trusted resource of timeless art and design and is known for his meticulous attention to detail. His studio houses a gallery for his artwork and showroom for his wall coverings, fabrics and home and lifestyle collection, as well as Walter’s personal painting studio.

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