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Walter Knabe Custom and Commissions

Walter Knabe is a multi-disciplinary fine art and design studio that specializes in a wide range of visual products and services all based on the artwork and design by Walter Knabe.  A very important aspect of Walter's work is Custom and Commission projects. This work allows Walter to bring forth a client's personal vision in Walter's undeniably unique and one-of-a-kind style.

Possibilities and Mediums

Walter Knabe custom and commission projects cross a diverse list of mediums and applications. From fabric, wall covering, fine art, home decor, custom speciality boutique products, to large commercial murals, banners and company identity artwork. 

What to Expect

Walter Knabe has been a trusted resource for exceptional design and artwork for over thirty five years. Walter works with you to visualize the story you are trying to tell to create a design that is uniquely your own.

Who We Work With

Our custom and commission clients include individuals, corporations, residential, and commercial. We work with clients across the globe. There are no distance barriers. Every client is important. Every client's vision is unique.


“Walter Knabe is one of the original studios that specializes in custom and bespoke projects. The studio has for years created solutions which transform a client’s thought or idea into a Walter Knabe design that brings forth the client’s vision”.


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