Walter Knabe Margaux Hand Printed Wall Covering

Margaux is a Hand Printed Wall Covering

We are famous for our hand printed wall coverings which take on a look and feel of texture, depth and a quality only achieved by hand printing. They are exceptionally durable.

All Walter Knabe wall coverings are available in stock and custom colors, and our custom capabilities make the possibilities endless! All of our wall coverings come as standard rolls, 24”–27” wide by 15’ long, produced in double rolls. The hand printed papers need to be trimmed and pasted with regular wallpaper paste.


  • Width: 25"
  • Repeat: 36"
  • Match: Half Drop
  • Single roll 15'
  • Needs to be trimmed
  • Made to order; Non-returnable
  • Material: Natural paper

    For more information or to place an order for custom color please contact Walter Knabe.

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