Jimi '67 Collaboration with Renowed English Rock and Roll Photographer Gered Mankowitz

Walter collaborated with renowned English rock and roll photographer, Gered Mankowitz, to create limited edition artwork commemorating legendary rock and roll icon Jimi Hendrix. The piece is titled “Jimi ‘67” and is now available for purchase. 

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The edition of 200 pieces was created using a 1967 portrait photo shot in black and white by Mankowitz titled “Jacket & Hands” – in which Hendrix was wearing one of his iconic, fashion-forward military style jackets. Walter worked to create artwork that preserved the integrity of Gered’s photo, and which brought to life the heartbeat of the London style of the 1960's and the powerful essence of Hendrix.

The 24” x 24” artwork piece blends Knabe’s signature hand-crafted screen printing and hand-painted detail using 18 paint colors intricately layered on hand-torn heavy, tactile paper.

Each piece in the edition is signed by both artists. “Because I created each one by hand, they are all a bit unique. We wanted the artwork to reminisce the look and culture of the time, capture Jimi’s spirit and emotion as well as tell a story with color and texture. Gered and I created a way to use the era’s trending colors – such as lime and magenta – in a complementary manner. This enabled us to bring to life the cording, buttons and other detail elements on Hendrix’s jacket to illustrate his great sense of fashion,” says Knabe.

“I was so delighted when Walter first approached me with the proposal that we collaborate on a silkscreen project. His work is amazing, and his expertise in the craft of print making is second to none, so I jumped at the chance to join him and create something new,” says Mankowitz.


Walter has long wanted to create a rock and roll series working together with a photographer who had the proper catalog. He has always loved Mankowitz’s work and his iconic rock and roll images. Walter connected with him during the COVID-19 lockdown and months later Jimi '67 is released --- the first in their series of limited edition rock and roll icon artwork.

“Gered and I began meeting via video calls to discuss how we might work together. He lives in the U.K.; I live in the U.S. Two different worlds collided, and our ideas clicked. He is incredibly talented and has shot numerous iconic rock and roll photos. The unexpected collaboration has been amazing during what has been a very difficult time for the world,” Knabe says.

“Although this past year or so has been exceedingly difficult, and for millions around the globe absolutely horrific, as artists our creative minds do not stop. Working with Walter has made lockdown bearable – a true collaboration with a master craftsman during a time of great difficulty – it has been a joy!” Mankowitz adds.

About Gered Mankowitz

Mankowitz established his first studio in London’s Mason’s Yard in 1963 in what was to become the heart of 60’s swinging London. He began working in the U.K. music industry at a time when it needed mould breaking images. Mankowitz's work with Jimi Hendrix and The Experience produced some of the most iconic and widely known portraits of the musician. 

Mankowitz has continued working in the music world over the last 50 years and also shoots other genres of the commercial photography industry including editorial and advertising, and contributes to leading magazines. He has published multiple photography books of his images and co-created/executive produced on six-part TV series “ICON – Music Through The Lens”, which is due to be broadcast on PBS in the USA this summer. Mankowitz resides in Cornwall County in south west England.

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Jimi '67 Inquiries: For pricing and print and framing option Click HerePlease email customerservice@walterknabe.com with any questions or to setup a studio or private appointment.

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